The Coffee Quest Coffee Imports | Always on a quest for the best coffees
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We are coffee importers based in the Netherlands with strong roots in four continents.

Receive quality coffee, chain-wide personal relations and an excellent service. We are Direct Trade to the core; we export ourselves from Colombia, Cameroon and Guatemala and work closely together with our partners in Nicaragua, Brazil, Sumatra, Costa Rica and Ethiopia.

Whether you’re looking for that unique micro-lot or you’re programing your container shipments for the whole year. We’re your partner. You’ll always receive a personal approach and you can be sure of a sustainable process from farm to your door, making sure the producer always receives a fair price for his work.


Check out our DIRECT! Programs, Spot List and Relationship Projects

The aim of The Coffee Quest is to keep the supply chain as short as possible. This way we make sure the largest part of the price you pay goes to the producer rather than to traders in between. As a small company we can be flexible and are always open to your requests and suggestions.

To facilitate direct trade we also offer the service of export from several destinations and import into Europe and the US. So if you know a farmer personally, but have no idea how to get his coffee to your roaster, we can help you there.

We have initiated several projects to stimulate the development of small groups of producers in Cameroon, Colombia and Brazil. And we’re always on the lookout for new projects. You’re invited to participate in these projects in any way you like. Pay a small premium on your coffee price, or personally visit a project and help building washing stations for instance.

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